Laptop or Tablet which one is better?

with the huge number of PC gadgets available in the market today, it is not easy to select the best gadget for you, here I will assist  you to choose whether to buy a laptop or tablet:

What are the main differences between the laptop and the tablet:

  • Every tablet should have a touch screen, but not every laptop has a touch screen.
  • Tablet screen size typically smaller than the screen size on the laptop, since they are touch screens they are more expensive.
  • A laptop capable of executing more complex operations and tasks require super processing.
  • Tablet hard disk in most of the time smaller than the laptop hard disk  which can be extended to TB, also the tablet memory has specific values at  most of the time they are  32 GB , 64 GB , 128 GB or 256 GB  and the expansion of the memory is not easy, some times as in the case of the iPad it cannot be expanded and more expensive .
  • The tablet is easier to carry and handle, has a more mobility degree.
  • Laptop accessories are numerous and cheaper than those of the tablet.
  • Laptops are able to run more powerful games, that require more processing while tablet gaming experience is limited by hardware and performance issues so you cannot run games like Call of Duty or FIFA on them.
  • Laptop control using mouse and keyboard is way better and more practical than the touch screen in the tablet, the touch screen response is dominated by the screen sensitivity.
  • Laptops on battery runs shorter time so you need to plug it into the source power, but tablet battery can work for your more time without the need to recharge.

Finally, if you are looking for a PC gadget that can go beyond the typical limits you should find a laptop that would make it easy for you, but if you look for a compact device you can carry everywhere but with limited functions and lower price then you might select a tablet.

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